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Discover the latest edition of Private Banking magazine.

Discover the new edition of Private Banking magazine.

Guy Wagner, Chief Economist at Banque de Luxembourg, draws investors' attention to the attraction of investing in corporate stocks. Quality companies with little debt on their balance sheet are at least as secure as government bonds whose safe-haven status is currently being called into question by the crisis. (in french)

"I want the viewer to see these people as individuals, to know their names and a bit of their history, not just to view them as an anonymous part of some remote ethnic or tribal group", Phil Borges.

Guy Wagner looks back over 2009 and discusses his outlook for 2010. (in French)

Banque de Luxembourg dealing room specialists, Anne AREND, in conjunction with DNR radio, take a look back over the highlights of the past week on the stock markets.

"Individuals should invest in financial products they understand, whose risk they can reasonably assess"

Michel Aglietta,

Professor of Economic Science at the University of Paris X Nanterre and Adviser to CEPII (French international economic research centre).

According to Bernard Goffaux, specialist in estate planning at Banque de Luxembourg, successful inheritance planning involves taking into account the specific needs, concerns and plans of each person involved. An approach that Banque de Luxembourg’s advisers take when helping you make clear-headed arrangements for passing on your estate.

The recovery anticipated by the stock markets is likely to be out of sync with economic forecasts for 2010 (in French).

Discover the new edition of your Private Banking magazine.

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