Compagnie Financière de Gestion (CFG*) is Banque de Luxembourg's Family Office. For over thirty years, its multi-disciplinary team has worked with wealthy clients in the valuation, structuring and transfer of the various components of their assets.


We offer our services to a limited number of clients who have a longstanding banking relationship with us. Our relationships with these families are based on protection of privacy, attention to detail and an ability to take on board the most individual of requirements. The stability of our teams also enables us to provide continuity of service over time.


The families, entrepreneurs and investors who turn to us generally have interests in several countries and a diverse range of assets comprising high net worth personal property, real estate, and equity investment portfolios. Members of these families often come under different jurisdictions.


  • Investment advisory services
  • Management of non-financial and alternative assets (private equity, real estate, etc.)
  • Wealth structuring, particularly using Luxembourg-specific vehicles (SIF, SICAR, etc.)
  • Consolidated reporting of diversified assets
  • Succession planning
  • Concierge services
  • Coordination of service providers, and monitoring and appraisal of their performance

Depending on specific requirements expressed by our clients, we also take advantage of synergies and the complementary expertise between Banque de Luxembourg and CFG.

Operating from a mansion house adjacent to Luxembourg's Parc de la Ville, CFG is a pioneer in family office activity in the Grand Duchy. Alongside authorisation for wealth management and investment consultancy, it is regulated by Luxembourg's new "Family Office Law", adopted on 21 December 2012.

* These solutions are offered to clients holding a Luxembourg account.