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La confiance se construit
dans la durée

17 ans en moyenne avec le même conseiller

Pour une gestion sereine de mon patrimoine


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Our century-long expertise at our clients’ disposal

Because your assets require full attention, our advisers are there to give you support every day and over the long term, to offer you solutions at every stage of your life.

And it all starts with the promise that you’ll have the same adviser, who will be there for you over the course of many years.

They will take care of you, your family, and your business over several decades.

Our specialty is wealth management

Get in touch with our specialists.

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Looking after your interests

“I’ve been with my clients for years.  I forge a strong bond with them based on care and trust. This very human approach is essential when it comes to estate transfers. It lets me fully understand their future issues, and consider long-term strategies without ever giving in to the siren song of instant results.” 

Contact Peggy Damgé, Private Banking Adviser: 

  • Wealth planning
  • Estate transfer
  • Loans secured on personal assets
By telephone : 499 24 3726
By email

Creating long-term value

“When it comes to asset management, I need to be close to my clients.  To follow them year after year, to know their families, their children and their plans, so that I can provide them with the most suitable solutions at the right time. In this way, I am able to address their wealth as a whole, constantly opening up new prospects for them, so that they can see it bear fruit over time.”

Contact Paulo Flora Rei, Private Banking Adviser: 

  • Wealth planning
  • Estate transfer
  • Loans secured on personal assets
By telephone : 499 24 3151
By email

Rising to all of my clients’ challenges

 “I work for clients whose lifestyles know no borders and who need stable and experienced specialists to carry out their international projects. My 25 years of experience at Banque de Luxembourg allows me to bring together quickly all the specialist experts to meet their tax, financing or legal requirements.”

Contact Giuseppina Marcucci, Private Banking Adviser: 

  • Tax expertise
  • Wealth engineering
By telephone : 499 24 3090
By email

Prioritising people over the digital

“The times we’re living through have reinforced the need for quality human relations.  So I continue to choose direct dialogue with my clients. Personalised guidance with a single point of contact is the best approach to give them the highest return on their savings. This is the key to providing the best personal banking services.”

Contact Tom Grober, Privat Banking Adviser , Private Banking Adviser: 

  • Savings
  • Financing your projects
  • Planning for your retirement
By telephone : 499 24 4526
By email

Being close to family business owners

“I have a great deal of affection for them. They are always ready to listen to new developments in things like the economy, society, and technology. Their vision is long term and sometimes they are looking several generations ahead. To overcome current and future challenges and upheavals, they keep in mind the experiences of the past and cultivate the values of previous generations. That’s exactly the same mindset as the Banque de Luxembourg.”

Contact Theo Demmeler, Head of German Desk :

  • Support for your business
  • Transfer of your business
By telephone : 499 24 3721
By email

A listening ear for entrepreneurs and their businesses

“We support both the company and the entrepreneur and their family, from generation to generation. The purpose of our involvement in planning for estate transfers is two-fold: to secure the future of the company and maintain family harmony. We take the time to listen to our clients, to get to know them and to understand their needs so that we are able to answer their various questions.”

Contact Anne Goedert, Family Practice Adviser :

  • Support for your business
  • Transfer of your business
  • Next generation programmes
By telephone : 499 24 4015
By email

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  • _A single adviser to support you over the long term
  • _Responsible management of your assets
  • _Regular returns and strict risk management
  • _Experts to answer your asset-related questions

Find out what our bank could do for you

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