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1. Why LuxTrust?

Banque de Luxembourg has partnered with LuxTrust to offer a new secure authentication solution: LuxTrust Scan and its mobile version, the LuxTrust Mobile app.

LuxTrust is a certification authority that issues and monitors secure electronic certificates. LuxTrust was founded on 18 November 2005 by the Luxembourg government and key players in th financial sector.

LuxTrust offers secure solutions for authentication between on-line partners and digital signing of on-line transactions.

LuxTrust S.A. has had Financial Sector Professional (PSF) status since 27 June 2006. This allows it to work even more closely with financial sector professionals while guaranteeing the necessary confidentiality and security.

LLuxTrust S.A. is listed as “under supervision” by ILNAS, the Luxembourg public standardisation service, as a certification service provider (CSP) under number 2013/8/001. This attests to LuxTrust’s expertise and strict compliance with the most stringent European security norms and standards.

2. What is a certificate?

Before you can use the LuxTrust Scan device or the LuxTrust Mobile app, you will need an electronic certificate issued by LuxTrust. The electronic certificate can be compared to a digital ID card allowing you to prove your personal identity and encrypt the data you exchange.

3. Will LuxTrust contact me by Email?

LuxTrust may contact you by email in connection with the activation, renewal and expiry of your certificate.

LuxTrust will never ask you to provide personal data by email.

4. When will my LuxTrust certificate expire?

Your LuxTrust icertificate is valid for 3 years and must be renewed every 3 years.

Shortly before your certificate expires, you will receive an email notification from LuxTrust inviting you to renew your certificate.

It is important to renew your certificate before it expires to ensure continuous acces to the Banque de Luxembourg E-Banking area.

5. If my certificate is due to expire, how can I renew it?

As soon as you receive a notification inviting you to renew your LuxTrust certificate:

Go to our renewal website, select your device, authenticate yourself and follow the instructions.

Your certificate will be valid for three years from the date of renewal.

6. How can I check the status of my certificate?

You can check the status of your certificate and the details registered on it at any time by visiting the LuxTrust website.