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Prepare for retirement

Good preparation for retirement is becoming increasingly important. Have you thought about supplementing your traditional pension? With our ‘Prévoyance 3’ pension savings plan, you can benefit from the Luxembourg government’s tax system to enjoy a reduction in your taxable income now as you save for your retirement.


Your benefits

Reduce your tax bill

You may deduct up to 3,200 EUR per year from your taxable income. 

Choose how to reclaim your capital on the due date

At the end of the contract, which matures when you turn 60, as long as the contract has lasted 10 years, there are three different options for reclaiming your capital and the return on your investment:

  • Capital;
  • A life annuity;
  • A combination of the two.

Pay less tax at the end of the contract

  • The portion paid in capital will be taxed at 50%.
  • For the portion paid as an annuity, 50% will be exempt from tax.

Self-employed or independent professional?

Since 2019, the supplementary pension system has been open to self-employed people and independent professionals. You are now eligible for tax benefits related to supplementary pension arrangements. At Banque de Luxembourg we encourage you to take action now so that you can continue your current lifestyle and look forward to this important milestone with peace of mind. To learn more and assess the implications for your personal situation, contact your usual adviser or one of our specialists.

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