Alternative investments enable you to diversify your portfolio, based on non-traditional solutions. Alternative funds target performance that is decorrelated from financial market trends.

Impact investing and SRI

Investing in the socially responsible investment field means opting for an approach that supports balanced and sustainable development without compromising the return on your investment. Far from being just a fashionable trend, it is a fundamental approach that has now achieved a certain degree of maturity.

The long-term view – integral to socially responsible investment – is consistent with our bank's values and investment philosophy, enabling us to offer a range of investment solutions.

The Bank also provides professional investors with engineering services for impact financing vehicles.

  Banque de luxembourg solutions selection of the best products on the market
SRI Funds (Socially Responsible Investment BL-Equities Horizon (in partnership with Vigeo and Ethibel) Selection of funds integrating extra-financial criteria
Microfinance funds BL-Global Bond: bond funds 20% invested in microfinance vehicles Banque de Luxembourg microfinance funds: offered ad hoc by the Bank  Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund
Impact investing funds Banque de Luxembourg impact investing funds: offered ad hoc by the Bank

Alternative investments

Banque de Luxembourg's expertise in asset management, coupled with the specific know-how of renowned partners, enables us to offer our clients privileged access to alternative investment solutions.

  • hedge funds (alternative management)
  • private equity
  • impact investing

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The securities referred to may cause the investor to incur significant risks and may not be appropriate for all investors. Such risks include market risks, high volatility, credit risk, liquidity risk and interest-rate risk. There is no guarantee that the securities described in this document will achieve their investment objectives. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The Bank shall not be held liable for the future performance of these securities. Potential investors must ensure that they understand the risks of investing in such products and should only take an investment decision after giving careful consideration, together with their professional advisers, to the appropriateness of this investment to their specific financial situation, particularly with regard to legal, tax and accounting aspects. This information is provided solely for guidance and there is no guarantee of its completeness.