The asset management company BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments S.A. brings together Banque de Luxembourg's expertise in fund management, analysis and securities selection.

A business-like approach

BLI defines and implements the Bank's investment strategy. 'BLI' also stands for 'business-like investing', which describes our approach to the securities selection process – we treat our investments as though we were actually taking a long-term stake in the business.

Award-winning portfolio management

This approach helps us to identify quality companies with a tangible competitive advantage that produces a high level of profitability and the prospect of strong free cash flow. Such companies have the potential to create long-term value for their shareholders. The BLI approach is based on decades of experience in wealth management and excellence in investment management and consistent long-term performance, which every year attracts numerous awards.

BLI – Banque de Luxembourg Investments (formerly known as Banque de Luxembourg Fund Research & Asset Management) was established in 2005 as a UCITS management company.