As well as the Guy Wagner blog, BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments publishes regular analyses of the financial markets. Mentioned-below, you will find a selection of articles and interviews with our chief investment officer Guy Wagner and our fund managers.


- Investment Europe (18.01.2018): BLI appoints new head of distribution

- Investment Europe (10.01.2018): Environment remains favourable for equity markets, but volatility risks to increase

- Citywire Selector (14.12.2017): How to overcome the short-duration hype

- Citywire Selector (29.11.2017): BLI bolsters fixed income team with new hires

- Investment Europe (29.11.2017): BLI strengthens fixed income team

- Luxemburger Wort (24.10.2017): ECB likely to halve bond purchases to €30 billion a month, BLI says

- Investment Europe (09.10.2017): Equities still the default, despite increasing valuations

- Citywire Selector (17.08.2017): AA-rated FoFs star braced for absolute returns revival

- Investment Europe (14.07.2017): The power of dividends

- Citywire Selector (02.05.2017): AA-rated manager: Japan ETFs don't make sense

- Citywire Selector (20.04.2017): Fixed income chief: don’t forget about LatAm

- Funds Europe (18.04.2017): Interview with Fabrice Kremer: Finding managers that can (and do)

- Citywire Selector (20.12.2016): FoFs star Kremer: add duration risk if yields keep rising

- Citywire Selector (14.12.2016): Why luxury brands are finally waking up to digital disruption

- Investment Europe (28.11.2016): Dissecting Portuguese bonds

- Citywire (22.11.2016): BLI launches European family business fund

- Investment Europe (22.11.2016): BLI to launch new European equity fund

- Financial Investigator (25.10.2016): BLI: How to choose a bond? Thoughts and illustrations

- Citywire Money (26.09.2016): Why 'expensive defensives' are running out of road

- Investment Europe (24.08.2016): Assets in a post-Brexit world

- Citywire Selector (22.08.2016): AAA-rated Japan manager taps China’s baby boom

- Vóz Populi (23.06.2016): "En la gestión activa debemos tener cuidado de no perder detalle del cuadro general"

- Citywire Asia (13.05.2016): CIO view: earnings season shows one worrying trend

- Financial Times (17.03.2016): Drivers of change: Fanuc

- Citywire Selector (26.02.2016): How bond managers are playing the South African slump


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