Building on the strength of its bond market experience and in a bid to help reduce poverty in the world, BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments S.A. began expanding into the microfinance sector in 2008.


The additional expertise BLI acquired by managing a broader investment universe than that of more traditional players has allowed the company to build up a unique approach to impact investing.

BLI is more responsive to the specific requirements and instruments used in the microfinance sector. Its approach is further strengthened by a sound methodology and a proven track record in bond management.

BLI is therefore able to offer clients investments that combine two objectives - making a social impact and earning a financial return.


Investing in the socially responsible investment field means opting for an approach that supports balanced and sustainable development without compromising the return on your investment. Far from being just a fashionable trend, it is a fundamental approach that has now achieved a high level of maturity.

The long-term view – integral to socially responsible investment – is consistent with our bank's values and investment philosophy.


Please verify also our activities in the area of ‘Responsible Investing’.


Banque de Luxembourg Investments

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