Interested in creating and managing your own UCITS / AIF investment fund in Luxembourg without having to set up a management company in Luxembourg? Take advantage of our turnkey solution to manage your fund together with Conventum Asset Management, a management company governed by chapter 15 of the law of 17 December 2010 (UCITS) and alternative investment fund manager in accordance with the law of 12 July 2013 (AIFMD) and an independent subsidiary of Banque de Luxembourg.

Our services in a nutshell

  • Advice on legal and operational fund aspects, as well as fund migration and restructuring
  • Monitoring of delegated activities: management, distribution and central administration
  • Risk management services using a risk monitoring system and tools tailor-made to your fund's investment policy
  • Corporate governance: liaising with the fund's decision-making bodies, the auditor and the Luxembourg regulatory authorities
  • Access to offices, human and technical resources.

How it works



During the set-up of your investment fund

  • We advise on the feasibility of your projects
  • We look after the legal and operational implementation
  • We help you with the fund's authorisation process and liaise with the Luxembourg supervisory authorities
  • During the life of the fund, we coordinate amendments that may be required or that you deem necessary


Our partner  European Fund Administration (EFA) provides the full range of fund administration services:

  • Fund accounting and NAV calculation
  • Maintenance of the fund's shareholder register and transfer agency services
  • Full personalised multilingual reporting services facilitated by the EFANET tool

EFA's comprehensive middle and back office services help you meet your growth targets, ensure compliance with quality standards and implementation of cost control measures.


Together with EFA, we have set up monitoring tools and processes to verify that fund operations comply with the fund's investment policy and restrictions prior to NAV calculation.

Financial risks are managed through our highly-structured control and reporting system that takes into account a full range of risk indicators and parameters adapted to the management and risk profile of your fund.

Independently generated by the EFA Analytics system, these risk and performance indicators can be supplemented by a performance attribution analysis to enable you to analyse and achieve the optimal risk/return profile for your fund.


We offer guidance in fund distribution and assist you in registering your fund in other European countries.

You benefit from our expertise in various European countries and the contractual relationships that we enjoy with fund platforms.

General Manager, Conventum Asset Management

What are the strengths of your services?

We offer clients the possibility to focus on their core business - asset management, client relationship management and marketing. We take care of all the regulatory and administrative aspects of their fund.

Who are you targeting with these services?

We serve fund promoters who do not have a dedicated Luxembourg-based management company. We provide the platform they need to market and develop their investment funds.


We apply effective corporate governance principles in our relations with the fund's service providers and the regulatory authorities. The various fund players are constantly involved in the decision-making process through meetings with the Management, Board of Directors, General Shareholder Meetings that we organise.

Our services keep abreast of the latest legislative and regulatory developments in UCIs in Luxembourg allowing you to stay one step ahead of any impact on your investment fund.


We can provide local managers, offices and the technical infrastructure you require to ensure compliance with the UCITS and AIFMD regulatory requirements. Our model has proven successful and can be adapted to different fund structures.