At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is at once a world-class financial centre, a European hub for companies and a country known for its excellent quality of life.



The growth in Luxembourg's financial centre has been driven by the country's international outlook and its membership of the European Union.

Today, Luxembourg is the leading private banking centre in the eurozone and the second largest investment fund centre in the world.

Investors from various countries embracing the principle of free movement of capital have chosen Luxembourg for their wealth management needs. Many are families and entrepreneurs with interests in multiple jurisdictions, seeking stability and security. 

The dovetailing of our expertise in private banking and in investment funds enables our clients to benefit from the most innovative solutions in the management and structuring of their assets.

Luxembourg's rules on the protection of personal privacy and the rights of investors are among the strictest in the world.


An increasing number of multinational companies are establishing their European headquarters in Luxembourg and accordingly the country has built a strong reputation in cutting-edge sectors.

The boom in these sectors of activity along with the decision of a number of companies to establish their European headquarters in Luxembourg has been achieved thanks to:

  • the open-door policy of the public authorities to the concerns of businesses
  • a competitive tax regime
  • low social security charges
  • cutting-edge logistics infrastructure
  • access to a highly-qualified and multilingual workforce
  • a long tradition of social dialogue


Newcomers often cite the excellent quality of life, ease of contact, small size and a cosmopolitan society as reasons to explain the attraction of Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg City is the economic heart of a region of several million inhabitants. It combines the pleasures of a provincial city with the advantages of a European capital. Its cosmopolitan and multilingual population enables new arrivals to find their feet very quickly on arrival.

Ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, Luxembourg offers a world-class cultural scene, while its educational system is adapted to the natural social multi-lingual nature of the country.


Whether you are visiting or relocating to the Grand Duchy, contact us for advice on preparing your stay.

Quality of life, multicultural society, size and human relations are just a few of the many arguments often cited to highlight the attractions of the Grand Duchy.

Luxembourg City combines the pleasures of a provincial city with the advantages of a European capital.  

More and more people are relocating to other countries within Europe. We are always pleased to assist clients who have opted to relocate to Luxembourg with the key steps of their move:

  • showing you around Luxembourg City and the rest of the country
  • helping you find a property
  • administrative formalities (residence permit, social security arrangements, etc.)
  • day-to-day banking operations