Our Family Office services are designed to meet the needs of wealthy families and individuals. They want to have a consolidated overview of their financial and extra-financial assets, regardless of where these assets are held (at Banque de Luxembourg or at other banks). They also want to receive specific advice and support for managing, enhancing, structuring and passing on these assets.


Who are our clients?

Our Family Office services are designed for clients 

  • whose assets are substantial and diverse
  • whose financial assets may be held with different banks
  • whose families may have several branches, requiring them to take into account complex family structures in the management of their estate
  • who are active in various countries or whose family members do not all reside in the same country

Our philosophy

We take both the tangible and intangible components of your estate into account

In addition to the financial aspects, effectively supporting our clients entails considering their background, their future plans, their knowledge and their values. This must be done while maintaining an awareness of the family context within which these dimensions overlap. First and foremost, we see each client as a human being. And each human being is unique.

A family and wealth strategy will serve as the point of departure for our tailored support

This roadmap is intended to clarify your many goals, or even those of your entire family, and to assess their implications. This may include your investments, optimising your wealth or transferring your estate.