How to subscribe to our funds


On Banque de Luxembourg's website, go to "My account online" (if you are already a Banque de Luxembourg client)

At a branch

  • At one of our Banque de Luxembourg branches
  • At your usual bank, specifying the name of the fund and its ISIN code.

What are the options for investing in our funds?

Direct investment

You can subscribe directly to our investment funds, retaining the flexibility to switch funds or apply to redeem your units at any time. A factsheet (updated daily), summarising the performance and principal positions, is available for each Banque de Luxembourg fund along with a quarterly management report.

Via an investment plan

You can subscribe to an investment plan by investing regularly in a variety of Banque de Luxembourg funds. 

Via our management solutions

You can choose our management solutions which are backed by our house funds or combine our house funds with the funds of the best promoters on the market.

Before making any decision to subscribe, investors must ensure they have understood the product, having measured the risks associated with it and consulted their own advisers on the appropriateness of the product for their particular financial situation, taking into account legal, tax and accounting aspects. Under no circumstances does this page constitute a recommendation to purchase securities or any other financial instrument. Information provided to the interested party does not constitute legal or fiscal advice and the Bank shall not be held liable for such information. Information may be subject to change without prior notice.