Our governance complies with the European Union's provisions and European's legislative and regulatory framework.


The responsible approach we apply to banking is reflected in our relationships with our clients and employees, our shareholder and the community.

As one of Luxembourg's leading banks, we adhere to the rules of conduct governing the private banking profession. We were the first Luxembourg bank to sign the ICMA Private Banking Wealth Management Charter of Quality, which reflects our adherence to the highest standards in terms of integrity, transparency and professionalism.

We do not venture into products offering little transparency and focus on sustainable investments. We do not deal on our own account; our role is confined to investing our clients' assets with top quality issuers and intermediaries. Similarly, we have a prudent policy for granting credit that aims to preserve the long-term interests of our clients. Respect for their privacy is guaranteed by professional secrecy which is the bedrock of the relations that we form with our clients down through the generations.


The Board of Directors determines the Bank's strategy and general policy. It is tasked with supervising the interests of the various stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders) over the long term. The Board of Directors is also responsible for oversight of management and risk monitoring.

Philippe Vidal, Directeur Général Adjoint du CIC, Paris

Daniel Baal, Directeur Général du Groupe CM11, Paris

Pierre Ahlborn, Luxembourg

Jacques Delvaux, Lawyer, Luxembourg
Carine Feipel, Lawyer, Luxembourg
Philippe Hoss, Lawyer, Luxembourg
Georges M. Lentz Jr., Administrateur-délégué, Brasserie Nationale, Luxembourg
Thomas Müller, CEO Bank CIC (Schweiz), Basel
Philippe Neyrand, Directeur, CM-CIC Grands Comptes, Paris
Pit Reckinger, Lawyer, Luxembourg
Charles Ruggieri, Président, Batipart Invest, Luxembourg

Secrétaire du Conseil d'Administration
Benoît Elvinger, Luxembourg


Management is responsible for overseeing the Bank's day-to-day business and implements its strategy.


Pierre Ahlborn, Administrateur-délégué
Philippe Depoorter, Businesses, Marketing and Communication
Philippe Duchêne, Finance
Benoît Elvinger,
Dealing Room


Georges Heinrich, Secrétaire Général
Etienne Planchard, Loans and Credit
Nicolas Nève, Directeur de la Succursale de Belgique
Sam Reckinger, Compagnie Financière de Gestion (CFG)


Fernand Reiners, Professional Banking
Luc Rodesch,
Private Banking, Estate Planning
Guy Wagner,
BLI – Banque de Luxembourg Investments
Romain Weiler, Organisation & IT, Finance