At Banque de Luxembourg, we place great importance on creating a pleasant working environment and providing opportunities for our 900 employees to make the most of their talents and skills.


Our approach to our business is a reflection of the core values that underpin Banque de Luxembourg's corporate culture: commitment, high standards, responsibility, flexibility and diversity.

We make these values count every single day...


Reflects our positive attitude individually and collectively in working with our clients at every stage of their life and, at the same time, supporting and encouraging our employees at every stage of their career at the Bank.

High standards

Represent the core of our professionalism and emphasise the importance we place on quality, expertise and know-how. They are evident throughout all the services we offer our clients.


Is our determination to act in a considerate way, respecting the interests of others and building the trust of our clients (professional responsibility), of our colleagues (human responsibility) and our fellow citizens (through our commitment to society).


Means our capacity to promote, anticipate and respond to change so we can better adapt to a constantly evolving environment.

Diversity is a form of open-mindedness that we encourage so it is integral to our values.

Our commitment to Diversity was formalised in 2013 with the signing of the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter.


Diversity is a source of enrichment, which is why we value all the differences and abilities within our teams. Our employees – 47% women and 53% men – come from 16 different countries.

Share their experiences...

The sense of pride in being recognised by your company

We expect the best from you, for our clients and for our teams. If you want to see your talents and ambitions recognised, join us and share your pride with ours.

Daring to see the bigger picture in a company on a human scale

Do you want to act in the best interests of the bank, your clients and your career? Are you looking for a motivating professional environment, where innovation is a constant theme? Your talents will be stimulated within our teams to enable you to think bigger and go further.

The enthusiasm of those who have what it takes to make a difference

Do you dream of a personalised approach that encourages the development of your skills throughout your career? Are you looking for a stimulating work environment where everything is done to enable you to meet the challenges? We will give you the means to turn our shared ambitions into reality.

The fulfilment of people who have managed to strike a balance

We offer you a fulfilling work environment where you can nurture the balance between personal and professional life. As part of our corporate commitment to society, if you support social, humanitarian or educational projects – or you want to participate in this area – we will support you in your actions and give you the opportunity to join in our corporate citizenship projects.


We pride ourselves on exceptional relationships with our clients and our staff. It is our challenge to build and maintain these relationships, by focusing on personal development and nurturing expertise.

Working at Banque de Luxembourg means...

Spicing up your career!

You will receive a personalised career plan designed to develop your talents and expertise and you will have access to training courses, mobility programmes, mentoring and professional guidance. We provide support throughout your career to ensure that your professional expertise and personal talents are brought to the fore.

Opting for the extras

As a member of staff, you enjoy a range of benefits including free banking, a complementary pension plan, insurance, personal services etc.. Our Amicale employees' association has a range of special offers for your leisure and cultural activities.

Keeping in shape!

You have access to a gym and a corporate restaurant offering a selection of healthy options. Every three years, you have the opportunity to have a medical check-up. Our offices are designed to provide a pleasant working atmosphere - and help you to be more efficient.

Opening a window on the world

You can attend conferences organised at our auditorium and have priority access to exhibitions organised by our partners in the cultural arena (Musée d'Art Moderne, Philharmonie, etc.). You have the opportunity to join in our corporate citizenship projects and can apply for support from the Hëllef Hëllefen Committee for social, humanitarian and educational activities you are involved in outside work.