Please contact your adviser to decide on the best payment card for your day-to-day needs based on your individual circumstances.

What's the best solution for you?

We offer a full range debit and credit cards (VISA / Mastercard) to suit your needs.


If you travel frequently and/or have a busy schedule and family life, the VISA Infinite credit card is the ideal solution. This top-of-the-range card is the most exclusive of all the cards offered by Banque de Luxembourg. Make your life easier with a range of personalised services: concierge, access to VIP lounges at airports, comprehensive range of insurance and assistance.


With flexible limits and a monthly statement, this card enables you to make all your online purchases absolutely securely. It is not intended for use in shops or cash machines. It incorporates the 3D Secure system (an international identification process that enhances the security of online payments and limits the risk of fraud).

V Pay

This is a free debit card for our 12-18 year old clients and it comes with a set of benefits. Find out more from your adviser.