Over the years, we have developed unique expertise in philanthropy, in the broadest sense of the word. We help individuals and families structure their philanthropic projects, propose responsible solutions to foundations, NGOs and public interest associations for the management of their capital, and help promoters of impact investing funds create appropriate vehicles.

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Helping you put your commitments into practice

The philanthropy advisory services we have put in place are a natural extension of our private banking profession. They extend our commitment to be by your side to help at all stages of a project's life. We can guide you in the partial or total implementation of your philanthropic project.

Getting my project off the ground

Philanthropic projects are the result of a personal approach and often deeply-held aspirations. To ensure that your aspirations and hopes are transformed into real commitment, Banque de Luxembourg has developed a methodology together with the "wise partnership" to help define the framework of your project.

1. Defining your donor profile

  • Analysis of donor motivations, interests and financial resources
  • Determining strategies and areas of involvement
  • Opportunity to meet other donors
  • Defining the outline of a project portfolio

2. Structuring the project

  • Project implementation analysis
  • Possibility to determine the type of financing (investment vehicle, investment fund, etc)
  • Putting you in contact with experts: lawyers, umbrella foundations, and so on.

3. Investment policy and donation management

  • Expressing your investment objectives
  • Defining the asset allocation
  • Defining the corresponding portfolio
  • Managing investments
  • Cash-flow organisation

Responsible management of your donation

Our Bank's management strategy focuses on consistent long-term performance and steers clear of products that lack transparency. This is perfectly in tune with the aspirations of foundations, NGOs and public interest associations that are looking to safeguard their capital and earn the best return.

As part of this management, we are able to offer a range of investment solutions to enable foundations to extend their scope for yield and further strengthen their social and environmental impact. 

Our analysts can also help foundations choose from a selection of the best SRI and impact investing funds on the market.

"One stop shop" for microfinance entrepreneurs and social venture capitalists

Luxembourg is Europe's leading centre for investment funds. The expertise we have acquired in this area enables us to offer a broad array of services.

We can help set up specialised investment funds (SIF) and development capital funds (SICAR – sociétés d'investissement à capital risque). Both these vehicles are ideally suited to structuring philanthropic projects. Our services extend from set up and domiciliation through to holding the securities and administration of the chosen vehicle.

We devote the majority of our charitable budget to promoting – in Luxembourg and other countries where we operate – philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.