Would you rather not be involved in the management of your portfolio? Would you prefer to delegate the management of your portfolio to us? Our portfolio management mandates allow you to grow your capital over the long term, while benefiting from our asset management expertise and personalised wealth management advice.


Our principles

Our portfolio management mandate solutions allow you to delegate some or all of the management of your portfolio to specialists who make investment decisions on your behalf.

To optimise the diversification of your assets and enhance returns, we give priority to investment funds:

  • A portfolio of a selection of funds managed by Banque de Luxembourg
  • Portfolios of a selection of the best external funds on the market

For portfolios of 2 million euros or more, we offer direct line investments based on your performance and risk expectations.

What do we offer?

  • Three portfolio management mandates: BL funds, external funds or direct investments
  • A choice of five investment profiles offering various weightings in terms of equity and bond funds, depending on your risk and return expectations.
  • Euro-denominated or US-dollar denominated portfolios
  • A comprehensive quarterly statement, including detailed information on each of your portfolio holdings and transactions conducted on your behalf, as well as performance analysis.
  • An account may be opened in another currency free of charge
  • Option of an all-in management fee or a fee linked to the performance of the portfolio.