A pioneer of open architecture, Banque de Luxembourg launched its specialised fund research and selection unit in 1998.  Our analysts select the best funds on the market from more than 40 asset classes allowing you to top up your portfolio with specialised funds, giving you access to specialised independent advice


Selection of the best funds

Our analysts have selected around 60 best-in-class funds (including equity, bond, sector and flexible funds) from a universe of around 60,000 funds. Key information about each fund's performance and the main holdings is updated daily. A quarterly fund management report is also available.


Step 1: Quantitative analysis

Selection criteria

  • Analysis of the fund's performance over an extended period (3 to 5 years)
  • Performance consistency
  • Fund volatility
  • Analysis of the fund's behaviour in bull and bear markets


Step 2: Qualitative analysis

Selection criteria

  • Management style and methodology
  • Transparency of investment policy
  • Stability and quality of the management teams
  • Reputation and financial solidity of the promoter
  • Country of domiciliation
  • Size of assets
  • Risk control
  • Fee structure


  • From 30 asset classes
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure relevance of funds included in the selection

Invest funds of funds - combining the best funds on the market

Do you want to invest in a selection of the best international funds via a single fund? We have a team of analysts dedicated to analysing external funds. They apply qualitative and quantitative criteria to study and select the best funds - completely independently - across an international spectrum.

Subscribe to all the market funds ... freely.

If you would prefer another investment fund (not included in our house selection), our dealing room team negotiates subscription terms with over 400 promoters, covering some 20,000 funds.

You can choose any fund you wish out of all the funds marketed internationally.

The securities referred to may cause the investor to incur significant risks and may not be appropriate for all investors. Such risks include market risks, high volatility, credit risk, liquidity risk and interest-rate risk. There is no guarantee that the securities described in this document will achieve their investment objectives. Past performance is no indication of future returns. The Bank shall not be held liable for the future performance of these securities. Potential investors must ensure that they understand the risks of investing in such products and should only take an investment decision after giving careful consideration, together with their professional advisers, to the appropriateness of this investment to their specific financial situation, particularly with regard to legal, tax and accounting aspects. This information is provided solely for guidance and there is no guarantee of its completeness.