Banque de Luxembourg has a longstanding tradition of advising and supporting entrepreneurs in the management, development and passing on of their business. We take a holistic approach to each of our clients that considers the plans for the business as well as the client's personal and family projects.


Our approach is unique because we consider not only the business, but the entrepreneur and the family as well. You have a single point of contact who will assist you in all your dealings with the Bank. Thanks to our strong local network of contacts, your adviser will be able to find the most appropriate experts to respond to the needs of your projects. He or she will also arrange the traditional banking services you require.


Our approach to banking and the synergies with our private banking services are particularly tailored to the specific needs of family businesses.

Services for businesses

In Luxembourg and the Greater Region we offer a full range of services to help you manage the day-to-day aspects of your business.

Day-to-day management

You can manage your account on our website. If your business has various accounts with different banks or if you make a large number of transfers, you may use our MultiLine* service. MultiLine is designed for consolidated account management and execution of grouped transfers.

Cash management

Your cash accounts are managed by a specialised team in our dealing room. Services include automatic harmonising of accounts denominated in different currencies, overdraft cover, hedging for foreign exchange, etc.


To support the development of your business, we can offer the full range of financing solutions you would expect from your main bank, including investment loans, equipment loans, current account facilities and bank guarantees.

Pension schemes

If you are considering creating a complementary pension scheme for your employees, we can offer you customised solutions through our insurance partners. We will manage the financial arrangements for your pension plan based on a guaranteed-capital fund and a selection of the best investment funds on the market.

* not available for accounts opened at Banque de Luxembourg, Belgian branch

Support for entrepreneurs and their family

We provide financial engineering services as well as advising on handing over the family business to the ‘Next Gen'.

Getting ready to hand over the business

Our Family Practice helps families organise their succession, while ensuring that the family harmony and the continuity of future business projects are kept intact. We aim to ensure that each stakeholder has the opportunity to pursue their personal projects as part of the broader plan for the business and the family. Our range of learning programmes for the next generation designed in collaboration with the ICHEC Family Business Chair are designed to respond to this need.

Financial engineering

Once the plans for the business have been defined, we support you with our network of in-house and external experts in the following areas:

  • Valuation of the business
  • Legal and tax aspects of handing over or selling off the business
  • Restructuring the wealth management portfolio