Are you interested in making your portfolio work for you and receiving advice on investment opportunities? You have access to our financial markets analysis and our stock picks.

Our principles

Your adviser will suggest an optimum breakdown for your assets based on your personal projects, your financial objectives and your risk profile. They will monitor them across an array of financial instruments, including:

  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • In-house investment funds 
  • External investment funds 
  • Themed investments (including socially responsible investments)
  • Guaranteed capital structured products
  • Money-market products

What do we offer?

  • Advice on securities we select
  • Access to our securities research and analyses
  • The possibility to trade your stock market orders on line or directly via your adviser
  • Rapid order execution
  • Monitoring of maturities and other important dates relating to your investments

Before making any decision to subscribe, investors must ensure they have understood the product, having measured the risks associated with it and consulted their own advisers on the appropriateness of the product for their particular financial situation, taking into account legal, tax and accounting aspects. Under no circumstances does this page constitute a recommendation to purchase securities or any other financial instrument. Information provided to the interested party does not constitute legal or fiscal advice and the Bank shall not be held liable for such information. Information may be subject to change without prior notice.