We have always been committed to playing our part in society. We support our employees' social and cultural initiatives, and contribute to the development of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and impact investing in Luxembourg and other countries in which we operate. We also provide ongoing support for charities, associations, foundations and NGOs in health, humanitarian and cultural sectors.

Systemic engagement

We promote the idea of philanthropy in a broad sense. Our engagement is exemplified in the conferences and symposia we organise.

  • "Seizing the opportunity for philanthropy in Luxembourg" (2008) helped initiate progress on philanthropy in Luxembourg in a number of practical, tax and regulatory areas.
  • "Responsible Leadership in times of change" (2009) attracted 200 European foundation leaders to meet and discuss questions of financial management, governance and the missions of foundations.
  • The hosting of the annual congress of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (2010) in Luxembourg, and the launch of European Impact Investing Luxembourg, two initiatives aimed at promoting impact investing in Luxembourg and the role of the financial markets in this area.
  • "Philanthropy works!" (2012) which was attended by 500 people keen to hear about ways of getting involved in general interest projects.This event coincided with the launch of the www.philanthropie.lu platform, an initiative of the Bank (which aims to help donors (and volunteers) find projects they would like to get involved in) and a major national awareness-raising campaign.

The 2015 “Philanthropy works” day was held in a marquee in the city centre on 17 October. As well as being a showcase for Luxembourg’s dynamic philanthropy sector, this “festival of philanthropy” aimed to inspire more individuals and corporations to get involved. A focus group convened by the Bank compiled a list of proposals on opportunities to develop philanthropy in Luxembourg, which was submitted to the government a few days before the event.

We also support the Impuls - nyuko contest which aims to promote social entrepreneurship projects in Luxembourg.

Banque de Luxembourg also wants to contribute to the development of philanthropy in Belgium, in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation and the Baillet Latour Chair in Philanthropy and Social Investment (a collaboration between the Baillet Latour Fund and HEC Liege). Accordingly, it is financing a report on what future generations can bring to philanthropy. The study is based on testimonials from young Belgians, supplemented by international perspectives, and aims to inspire more young people to get involved. It will be published in the autumn of 2017.

Actions and partners

We support the initiatives of a number of partners by providing them with financial resources and the skills of our teams.