In today’s complex world, our role as a private bank is to provide our clients peace of mind, individual service and long-term commitment. We do this by offering them personalised, reliable and simple solutions. We are there at every stage of their lives.


Our approach is based on listening, discretion and the ability to understand the full picture.


We evaluate your personal, family and financial situation and we listen carefully to your aspirations with regard to transferring your assets.


Using this evaluation as a starting point, we develop different structures and plans tailored to your personal situation and your projects.


We are available to advise you directly or indirectly on matters relating to family law and handing over your estate.


We help you to implement solutions.

  • Assistance in drafting legal and other important documents
  • Contact with top experts (notaries, solicitors, accountants, real estate professionals and other specialists)
  • We monitor and coordinate your project, ensuring that any recommendations are in line with your objectives

* These solutions are available for clients holding a Luxembourg account depending on market opportunities.