Effective wealth management involves understanding the financial impact of your investments as well as the tax implications.

Wealth planning

We can advise you in a choice of strategies for managing your wealth that comply with the tax provisions specific to each country. Our capacity to manage multijurisdictional and transgenerational situations is a key component of our expertise.


We provide an assessment of your personal, family and estate situation and we listen to what you want to achieve from the management of your assets.


Based on this assessment, we prepare different structuring and planning scenarios appropriate to your situation and your projects. To do this, we can utilise specific vehicles and structures in Luxembourg that comply with international regulations. We are also on hand to give you particular advice as and when necessary in all areas that directly or indirectly affect family wealth and estate planning laws.


We provide support in setting up your chosen solutions.

  • Assistance in drafting legal deeds and other documents.
  • Putting you in touch with the right specialists (notaries, lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, property professionals and family office experts).
  • Coordinating contacts with the specialists and ensuring that the recommendations comply with the target objectives.

* These solutions are available for clients holding a Luxembourg account depending on market opportunities.