Want to ensure you have access to the right services for your needs today and tomorrow? We offer you the opportunity to save for the future and manage your money on a day-to-day basis. Giving you the independence you need!*


Saving regularly in an account that was opened for you from birth is a great way to prepare for the future.

There are no entry, exit or account holding fees for our young people's savings solutions.


The savings plan enables you to save an amount of your choice on a regular basis. You can save into it yourself or have your parents, grandparents, godparents or other family members top it up for you. This is a great way of building up capital over the long term for future projects. Plus you benefit from an attractive potential return.


With the savings account you can put money aside for your future. You or anyone else can add to the account by cash deposit, bank transfer or standing order. Interest is paid at a more attractive rate than that on an adult savings account. The capital built up in the account is blocked until you reach the age of 18.


You can see how your investments are doing at any time via our e-banking solution.


You are becoming more independent and learning to manage your money by yourself.

A current account and debit card will you balance your incoming cash (pocket money from parents, first pay packets from a summer job, an occasional gift from grandparents) and your spending money (cinema, shopping trips with friends, mobile phone etc.). This will help you learn to manage a budget to meet your changing needs as you grow older.

Our account for young people has a range of banking and other benefits:

  • A free V PAY card, to withdraw money free of charge
  • A current account, with no account charges, to make transfers or pay standing orders
  • e-banking or mobile banking access to check account movements and the account balance, transfer money and contact your banking adviser via secure e-mail
  • An annual bonus if the current account and debit card are used regularly
  • An "advantages" card giving discounts at a selection of shops in the Greater Region of Luxembourg
  • A professional adviser to support you as you gain in independence
  • A weekly bank statement sent by post, if required, when there have been transactions or other movements on the account

To open an account or order a card:

Visit the Bank's Royal branch in Luxembourg City centre– on your own or with your parents. The card and confidential code (PIN) will be available at the branch within a few days.

As a thank you for your loyalty, we organise regular cultural events and workshops for our young clients designed  to help you learn more about how a bank works, manage a budget, build up capital etc.


Making plans for the future and  preparing to set out on your own.

University studies, travel, first job… your banking adviser is here to support you through these major steps.


Find out more from your adviser about preferential rates that apply to financing your university studies.


To make a dream come true (e.g. to buy a car or go travelling) it's a good idea to spread a major expense over time: from the age of 18, you can take out a personal loan that can be gradually repaid without upsetting your budget.


When you start your working life, you may want to own your own place. Taking out a mortgage to buy a property marks a firm entry into adulthood.

* Not available for accounts opened at Banque de Luxembourg, Belgian branch. Please note that borrowing money costs money.