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Independent Financial Advisors - Country Manuals


“These country manuals ("EAM CM") made available by Banque de Luxembourg (“BLU”) to our Independent Financial Advisors partners are supplied, created and updated by a specialized law firm, Bizzozero & Partners S.A., which owns their copyright.

The aim of these EAM CM is to provide Independent Financial Advisors with the necessary skills, knowledge and know-how for their cross-border activities. They also allow for optimal management of risks, in particular focus on the regulatory risks, related to cross-border activities.

These EAM CM are not deemed to be exhaustive. Independent Financial Advisors declares that it is apprised of the applicable laws and regulations in all the countries in which it exercises its activity in the broadest sense, whether or not they are covered by a country manual, and generally speaking, the EAM declares it complies with the laws and regulations applicable to its activities, whether or not they are cross-border.”

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