My key objective –protect and enhance my investments.

With Banque de Luxembourg, you’re opting for the attentive Bank.

Enjoy peace of mind, we are keeping a watchful eye

Entrusting us with the management of your assets means you can benefit from a proven and responsible investment strategy. And it also means you are freed from the constraints of managing your portfolio on a daily basis. This allows you to make your plans with confidence and peace of mind.

Benefit from consistent performance over the long term, without taking ill-considered risks.

Annual return
Balanced profile (1)
Growth profile (2)
1 year (2017) 4.7 % 11.5 %
5 years (2013 to 2017) 5.3 % 10 %
15 years (2003 to 2017) 4.9 % * 7.4 %

(1) “Balanced” investment profile: This strategy is designed to achieve moderate growth for the portfolio, while accepting a degree of fluctuation in value. It aims to achieve a higher return than that available on the bond market, with much lower volatility than an investment exclusively in equities.

(2) “Growth” investment profile: This strategy is designed to give the portfolio full exposure to market growth, while accepting significant and abrupt fluctuations in value. It focuses on capital appreciation over the long term.

* Annualised net performance over 15 years (2003-20017) of the balanced profile of our portfolio management mandate, which aims to outperform the bond market with a lower level of volatility than that offered by equities, while accepting certain fluctuations in value. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Any investment involves risks, including loss of capital.

+4.9%* net per year over 15 years

We regularly receive awards from international rating agencies and the specialist financial press for the quality of our management.

Nearly 100 years of experience
  • Management professionals.
  • A responsible and transparent approach.
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  • Controlled risks, particularly in market downturns.

Delegate the management of your portfolio to our specialists

Our experts will manage your portfolio according to the investment strategy you defined with your adviser.


100 years of expertise
You have access to specialist skills in two areas:
- portfolio structuring
- selection of quality securities and funds.
Peace of mind
Your portfolio is managed by experts, freeing you from the constraints of daily management of your assets.
You retain a completely transparent overview of your holdings and portfolio management decisions.



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  • Benefit from personalised advice and tailor-made solutions for you.
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