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Do you have financial wealth that you want to protect and grow over time? We offer a range of bespoke services.

Three solutions for optimum investment

Choose from three investment solutions that offer capital preservation, capital growth and consistent performance over the long term.

Two solutions for optimum investment

Choose from two investment solutions that offer capital preservation, capital growth and consistent performance over the long term.





Delegate the management of your portfolio to our specialists

Do you want to benefit from active portfolio management and free yourself from the constraints involved in managing assets? Our discretionary management portfolios aim to provide capital growth over the long term according to your performance expectations and desired level of security.


Advantages of BL-Invest

  • Bespoke
    Your portfolio is adapted to your investor profile
  • Peace of mind
    Your portfolio is managed by experts
  • Transparency
    You are kept informed of all management decisions

Performance of our management mandates

  Balanced profile Benchmark index
Annual return* over 5 years (2014-2018) 3.9% 1.9%
Annual return* over 10 years (2008-2018) 5.3% 3.7%
Annual return* over 16 years (2003-2018) 4.4% 2.9%

* Annualised performance, net of fees, for the BL Funds Mandate, balanced profile. The equity weighting in the portfolio is between 40% and 60%. Benchmark index: Morningstar - EUR Moderate Allocation (EUR) – Global

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Every investment involves risks which may include loss of capital.

Retain control of your investments and benefit from investment advice and support

BL-Invest is an investment advisory service. Your adviser ensures that your portfolio and your investment strategy are aligned in accordance with your situation, your financial knowledge and stock market experience.

Advantages of BL-Invest

  • Personalised advice
    You receive advice on the structure of your portfolio and its asset allocation
  • Continuous monitoring
    We check the suitability of your investments with your investor profile
  • Comprehensive reporting
    You can track your investments in complete transparency

A solution for investment portfolios needing more complex advice

BL-Select provides direct access to our investment experts. Together with your adviser, they work to devise investment proposals based on your objective and risk profile with the aim of growing your assets. This solution is reserved for portfolios of over 5 million euros.

Advantages of BL-Select

  • A pair of experts
    You will receive advice from your adviser and your investment specialist
  • Regular strategic appraisal
    You will meet our experts regularly to review your portfolio
  • Complementary services
    You benefit from tax reclaim and relief services


Let’s discuss how we can help you

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