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In an increasingly complex world, our role of private banker is to ensure we bring you peace of mind and pay careful attention over the long term. Life is not always plain-sailing. Every stage of life raises big questions that call for big decisions. You need your bank to be a trusted and reliable partner.

Make the right decisions for tomorrow. Peggy Damgé, Private Banking Adviser

Comprehensive wealth support


Summary of your personal, family and financial situation


Planning scenarios tailored to your personal situation


Advice in all areas including family law and inheritance


Introduction to leading specialists (lawyers, accountants, property professionals, etc.)


Assistance with setting up solutions

Make your wealth a focal point that brings the family together

Facilitating cohesion and ensuring that each generation understands each other, as well as providing the resources to construct a shared family project are major considerations at a time when the family takes different forms and puts roots down in multiple locations. Making your wealth an issue that brings the family together and providing the means for the family to nurture their bonds matters to us. Our approach is based on listening, discretion and the ability to take a comprehensive view of your wealth and family context.


Discretion, listening and the ability to take a comprehensive view of our clients' wealth and family context are the hallmarks of our private banking business. Over and above the management of your financial assets, we also support you in enhancing the value of the family estate in the broadest sense and making arrangements for your inheritance.

Estate planning

Tax changes, reform of Belgian inheritance law – our specialists will be by your side to evaluate the impact of these changes on your personal situation and can assist you with all your wealth planning arrangements for your family.

Our Family Office services

Our Family Office services are designed to take a comprehensive view of your wealth and family context, with reference to the strategic management of all your assets and covering areas that go well beyond the sphere purely connected with investments, including financing, inheritance planning and family governance.

Passing on your wealth to future generations

Passing on your wealth is a critical time when all the aspirations of the different generations come into the melting pot. Our objective is to safeguard your family harmony. To this end, we offer you bespoke support.

Protecting your heirs and relations from life's unknowns is a concern which involves planning for the handover of your estate. 
Philippe Depoorter, Head of Family Practice 
Nicolas Vendredi, Private Banking Adviser (Brussels)

Understanding the breadth of your history

We will work with you to protect the value and stability of your wealth. We will work with you to pass it on from generation to generation. Your life’s projects have meaning, for you and your children. Whether private or professional, cultural, property-based or financial, we take into account not only your wealth but also your history, your values, your areas of expertise and your projects. 

Cross-border legal and tax expertise

Our wealth-engineering specialists are experts in Luxembourg, Belgian, German and international law. They can answer all the questions about your personal and business assets. Our experts will also assess the financial, tax and inheritance implications of your decisions.

Our services


Support in structuring and arranging the handover of your wealth and property to your heirs


Specific situations taken into account include blended families, vulnerable heirs, direct transfer to grandchildren


The most appropriate solutions are implemented, such as the establishment of a family asset holding company, change to the matrimonial property regime, drafting a will and life assurance.

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Angela Murrell
Private Banking Adviser
Peggy Damgé
Private Banking Adviser
Angela Murrell
Private Banking Adviser
Peggy Damgé
Private Banking Adviser

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Head of Estate Planning
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