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Sources of inspiration, 10 outstanding women were honoured at the 10x6 Female Leadership evening organised on Wednesday 27 March 2019 by Paperjam and sponsored by Banque de Luxembourg.

Sharing experience

In front of an audience of around 500 people, ten women from different walks of life who have found a work-life balance combining commitment and passion, talked to us about their journey, their experience, their satisfactions and their challenges – with humour, frankness, humility and sincerity.

Ranging from company directors and journalists to entrepreneurs and founders of charities, the evening's ten speakers focused on the importance of love and courage over perfection, and being assertive and authentic... but also about freeing themselves from the shackles of conformity and traditional approaches, daring to think differently, and remaining true to their values.

Banque de Luxembourg’s special focus on women

Viviane Clauss, Head of Banque de Luxembourg's Women & Wealth programme, introduced the evening. 



The ten outstanding women were on the podium, embodying the evening's theme. Although the evening focused on these ten women who each represent formidable role models, the Bank’s objective is to respond to the concerns of all women. Whether they have a brilliant linear career or a more complex journey, women often share the same preoccupations, one of their key concerns being safeguarding their wealth over the long term, whatever twists and turns life takes.

Banque de Luxembourg understands this and its Women & Wealth programme has been designed to this end. The Bank places special emphasis on providing information and sharing knowledge through meetings and discussions with experts to provide tailored solutions for women who care about their own and their children’s future.

"We work with women on structuring their accounts at key times of change in their life that affect their financial needs. We pay particular attention to values, to the way each woman wishes to deploy and enhance her wealth, and this includes taking ethical aspirations into account and preparing for retirement,” adds Viviane Clauss.


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