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Whatever your plans: preparing for retirement, financing your children's education or simply investing your spare cash, the B'SAVE savings solution is the best way to achieve it.


Enhance returns on your savings with B'SAVE


Advantages of B'SAVE

1. Performance


You get access to the financial markets, selecting from four available orientations. Each orientation corresponds to the profile of a Banque de Luxembourg investment fund.

When you invest in B'SAVE, you do not pay a holding fee and there are no entry or exit fees.

If you had invested €10,000 in B’SAVE in 2014,

what would you have gained in 2023 for each orientation?


In 2023* you would have


In 2023* you would have


In 2023* you would have


In 2023* you would have

* Annualised performance net of fees over 10 years from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2023 of each of the underlying 4 funds: BL Global 30 (Conservative), BL Global 50 (Balanced), BL Global 75 (Dynamic) BL Global Equities (Growth), accepting a certain fluctuation in value. Past results are no guarantee of future performance. Every investment involves risks which may include loss of capital.

2. Simplicity


The return on your investments in B'SAVE depends on the performance of the fund corresponding to the orientation you selected. Each orientation is linked to a level of risk. You can change your mind whenever you want.

You determine the amount you want to save and frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, annual). There is no minimum investment.

3. Flexibility


You can withdraw your money at any time and you can increase, reduce or suspend your payments whenever you want, with no fees.

You can switch orientation whenever you want, without any constraints.

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