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We support businesses, entrepreneurs and their families, advising on the preparation of the crucial phases of handing over their business. We work to ensure that the interests of the business remain intact during the process and that the family is comfortable with the transition.

Our approach to the handover process

Taking stock

Discussions with the parties involved


Mapping the requirements

Road map

Sequencing the levels of intervention

Action plan

Implementing the decisions made

Next Gen training

Find out more about our special training programmes for the children of family business-owners

  • The Summer Academy: should I join the family business?
  • The Family Business Junior Executive Programme: establishing my legitimacy

Our partnerships and initiatives

Family Business Network Luxembourg (FBN Luxembourg)

Family Business Network International was founded in 1990 to address common concerns facing family businesses, and the Luxembourg chapter, FBN Luxembourg, was set up in 2017. The network organises workshops, conferences and networking events focusing on the challenges faced by family businesses in Luxembourg. 

Families in Business Chair at the HEC Liège Management School

The Families in Business Chair  conducts research on subjects specific to family businesses. The results of its research are presented at workshops and conferences in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Chair participates in the dedicated programmes for the ‘Next Gen’ that have been established by our Bank.

Lead partner of the Institute for Family Businesses (BE)

The Institute for Family Businesses was founded in 2006 with the objective of becoming a centre of scientific study for French-speaking Belgian business families and offering them a place for networking and training.

Co-publisher of "Histoires de Familles"

Banque de Luxembourg and the publishing house Maison Moderne have produced a book tracing the history of ten Luxembourg business families, showing the very individual paths taken by each of these emblematic families in their different sectors of activity. 

Member of the Multidisciplinary Committee of the ICHEC Families in Business Chair

The ICHEC Families in Business Chair has conducted two studies: Dans les Yeux de la Next Gen (2015) on young people entering the family business, and Zooms sur les conjoints de dirigeants (2018) focusing on the spouses of family business leaders (2018).

Voyage au cœur des familles en entreprise
At a pivotal moment in their history, this book recounts the fascinating and challenging journeys of eleven families who have created or developed a family business.

We offer you personalised support

Anne Goedert
Family Practice Adviser
Charles Sunnen
Corporate and Liberal Professions Adviser
Charles Sunnen
Independent Professions and Business Adviser
Annick Nonnon
Private Banking Adviser