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Banque de Luxembourg offers a comprehensive range of wealth management and thematic investment funds managed by BLI – Banque de Luxembourg Investments. Our disciplined investment approach, rigorously applied for nearly 20 years, steers clear of passing 'fads’ and is based on sustainable principles.

Considered and resolutely active management, based on solid experience, simple principles, proven expertise and a longstanding team. Guy Wagner, Managing Director of BLI – Banque de Luxembourg Investments

An active, conviction-based approach


We invest in companies with a clear business model and transparent balance sheet


We only select high-quality companies with a distinct competitive advantage


We only invest in assets at a reasonable valuation


Bond funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Bond Dollar88,01USD0,87% -10,37% -12,56%
BL Bond Euro86,03EUR0,00% -11,42% -12,74%
BL Global Bond Opportunities88,54EUR1,00% -9,85% -7,36%
BL Bond Emerging Markets Dollar107,21USD1,74% -8,09% -4,11%
BL Bond Emerging Markets Euro94,37EUR0,68% -15,65% -12,56%
BL Corporate Bond Opportunities82,16EUR0,92% -14,40% -11,47%

Equity funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Equities Asia98,53USD-2,63% -17,53% -3,00%
BL Equities Europe106,93EUR10,03% -23,62% 12,11%
BL Equities Europe PEA103,15EUR11,19% -25,69%
BL Equities Japan263,31EUR14,55% -9,06% 26,03%
BL Equities Japan25 568,00JPY13,76% -8,31% 27,88%
BL European Family Businesses133,01EUR9,62% -30,04% 19,81%
BL European Small + Mid Caps210,92EUR13,00% -29,26% 24,89%
BL American Small + Mid Caps222,55USD3,43% -18,08% 37,02%
BL Equities America92,73USD4,70% -19,69% 26,78%
BL Equities Emerging Markets80,97USD-0,83% -14,90%

Theme funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Emerging Markets164,04EUR-0,61% -4,79% 5,28%
BL Equities Dividend241,02EUR5,71% -8,81% 23,40%
BL Global Impact104,68EUR7,56% -13,20% 12,85%

Profile funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Global 3099,03EUR2,36% -6,85% -1,85%
BL Global 50102,44EUR3,73% -7,32% 4,30%
BL Global 75102,35EUR4,93% -9,20% 9,06%
BL Global Equities109,17EUR10,69% -14,97% 18,34%

Flexible funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Global Flexible EUR199,43EUR2,79% -9,99% 3,78%
BL Global Flexible USD167,24USD2,88% -12,55% 11,54%


Equity funds of funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Fund Selection Equities SRI257,92EUR5,01% -15,58% 15,91%

Flexible fund of funds

NAVPerformanceRisk level
Since 01/01/2320223 Years
BL Fund Selection 0-50143,65EUR-4,12% -0,87% 10,64%
BL Fund Selection Alternative Strategies96,32EUR-0,40% -2,82% 2,38%
BL Fund Selection Smart Evolution104,73EUR0,79% -6,55%
BL Fund Selection 50-100 SRI216,21EUR2,06% -11,06% 13,31%

The securities referred to may cause the investor to incur significant risks and may not be appropriate for all investors. Such risks include market risks, high volatility, credit risk, liquidity risk and interest-rate risk. There is no guarantee that the securities described in this document will achieve their investment objectives. Past performance is no indication of future returns. The Bank shall not be held liable for the future performance of these securities. Potential investors must ensure that they understand the risks of investing in such products and should only take an investment decision after giving careful consideration, together with their professional advisers, to the appropriateness of this investment to their specific financial situation, particularly with regard to legal, tax and accounting aspects. This information is provided solely for guidance and there is no guarantee of its completeness.

Delegate the management of your portfolio to our specialists

You can subscribe to our investment funds directly or via a BL-Expert discretionary mandate. Managed by a team of specialists, your portfolio will be adjusted to best reflect your investor profile.

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