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It's not always easy for the rising generation to find their place in a family business. The current crisis may have raised extra concerns for young people who have just joined the family business with a view to eventually taking charge.


Discussions between peers, hearing personal accounts and learning from the direct experience of other young entrepreneurs can help provide some answers to their many questions and concerns. This is the firm objective of our Family Business Junior Executive Program, launched in 2012.

The latest edition of this programme, which concluded in July, brought together 14 young people from family businesses aged between 26 and 33 from Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

The Family Business Junior Executive Program is a three-part forum 

  • A weekend in Belgium
  • A webinar to follow up on the initial action plans
  • A closing day in Luxembourg

In themed workshops, the participants were able to discuss ideas about authenticity and legitimacy, management style, governance of a family business, working in the family, and assertiveness within the company. The discussions continued over lunch in a relaxed atmosphere.

The participants particularly appreciated the friendly atmosphere and the links they forged with contemporaries. This allowed them to feel at ease and express themselves more freely, while benefiting from the reciprocal thoughts and ideas of the other participants.

The next edition of the FBJEP is planned for late November 2021 and mid-January 2022.

Please contact Anne Goedert for more information on our programmes for the next generation in family businesses

Anne Goedert
Family Practice Adviser

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