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The complex needs of entrepreneurs mean that they need to be able to count on a proactive bank that is close at hand. Offering a listening ear and defining tailor-made solutions, Banque de Luxembourg supports them throughout their professional and private lives.

An entrepreneur’s life is by no means straightforward: broadsided by the prevailing economic crises and forced to spearhead the development of their business (often the bulk of their wealth), every day they face a wide range of challenges that often require specific expertise. With all these challenges, it is vital for them to be able to rely on a banking partner who is close at hand and ready to listen, who is fully informed about their professional and personal situation and able to anticipate whatever needs may arise.

With a long-term mindset, this is the approach that Banque de Luxembourg has championed for many years. "We accompany entrepreneurs throughout their lives, often over several generations. Like a private banker, our mission is to offer them personalised solutions, tailored to their professional and private needs,” explains Nathalie Welbes, Adviser in charge of coordinating Banque de Luxembourg’s real estate division.

Being on the ground

To provide this support, Banque de Luxembourg's business advisers visit their clients on a regular basis. This personalised approach enables them to talk to the entrepreneur on the ground to identify their specific needs and understand the soul of the business, its history and its passion.

After assembling the necessary experts, both internally and externally, they offer entrepreneurs the most appropriate solutions, whether for project financing (investment credit, overdraft facilities, leasing and bank guarantees), management of cash surpluses, day-to-day management of the business or support for families in the various phases of transferring the business. “We insist on maintaining close proximity with our entrepreneur clients," continues Nathalie Welbes. It is particularly important for us to have regular discussions on the ground,so we can understand any problems and keep track of the financial management of their business.” ”

The bank also makes sure that clients keep abreast of the many and various issues that concern them. "We organise conferences and workshops on a range of topics, such as ‘business continuity’ which is a subject that has become increasingly popular since Covid. Entrepreneurs are often so driven that they don't give enough thought to how the business and their family would manage in the event of an accident, disability or illness. We believe that our role includes getting our entrepreneurial clients to confront these sensitive issues, however hard that may be," adds Nathalie Welbes.

Being available

Banque de Luxembourg's advisers’ availability to clients is an essential factor in entrepreneurs placing their trust in us for the long term. In order to maintain our personalised support, the business team, which consists of around 20 people, takes on a limited number of clients per adviser. "We have to be there when the client needs us. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to work in pairs, as it allows us to provide seamless follow-up, even if someone is away on holiday, for example. Our clients feel well looked after and know that they can count on us at any time, both privately and professionally,” explains the Banque de Luxembourg adviser.

Nathalie Welbes
Real Estate Coordinator