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We are and we will stay by our clients’ sides at every stage in their lives, especially in difficult periods such as the current crisis. Thanks to the quality of our wealth management and the stability of our Bank, we can view our future and our clients’ futures with peace of mind.

A proven investment strategy

In the 100 years since Banque de Luxembourg was founded, we have weathered many crises. Our resilience has been thoroughly tested. On each occasion, we rose to the challenge and emerged stronger. The financial soundness of our Bank and of our non-listed shareholder, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, mean that we can face the future with confidence. 

Since the beginning, we have specialised in wealth protection, wealth management and estate planning. When you entrust the management of your assets to us, you benefit from a responsible, time-proven investment strategy. Our clients are guided in all their plans (financial investments, loans, wealth engineering) by a single contact. This dedicated adviser is an expert in family banking, and often supports families over several generations.

The adviser’s role is to oversee each client’s wealth personally over the long term, provide solutions that are tailored to their interests and ensure consistent service and individual attention in every situation, to help them carry out their plans successfully and confidently. This is our vision of wealth management.

Responsible wealth management that stays the course

The impact of the pandemic has been reflected on the stock markets, which had a turbulent start to the year. Once again, our approach to asset management revealed its relevance with a permanent focus on risk management and protection.

Market corrections and the revaluation of the vast majority of assets – including those not listed on the stock market – show that our investment methodology is right and that our approach is resilient, thanks to our preference for high quality assets.

Our strong track record proves the ability of our management approach to absorb shocks and generate steady performance that matches the highest benchmarks over the long term.

We also provide responsible, sustainable solutions, particularly through a dedicated management mandate whose portfolio includes financial instruments that conform to ESG (Environmental, Social,and Governance) criteria. By actively continuing our efforts in this area, we give all investors the opportunity to add meaning to their wealth.

Listening to our clients, we will continue in the future to be more attentive, supportive and responsible than ever. Because we are more than a Bank. We are a House of Excellence.

The solidity and stability shown by our Bank in the current circumstances mean that we can view our future and our clients’ futures with peace of mind.

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Viviane Feiereisen
Private Banking Adviser
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