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Leading the development of your business at the same time as building your future is a challenging prospect. As an entrepreneur, you need your banking partner to be proactive, to listen and to understand your specific needs. Find out more about our dedicated support for you, with Pit Linster, Head of Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

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Dedicated support

You have a host of aspirations and ambitious projects. They all deserve to be heard and understood. You need your banking partner to be by your side to offer you dedicated, customised solutions. You may find that your business and its development are affected by market cycles. Having a solid banking partner who listens to you and is able to react and adapt is essential.

We accompany entrepreneurs throughout their lives, often over several generations. Like a private banker, our mission is to offer them personalised solutions, tailored to their professional and private needs.

Close at hand

Being there, on the ground, is essential to our support for you. Understanding you, your business, and its history allows our specialised consultants to get to know you better so they can support you better.

We offer customised solutions, whether for project financing (investment credit, overdraft facilities, leasing and bank guarantees), management of cash surpluses, day-to-day management of the business, and support for families in the various phases of transferring the business.

A personalised approach

The close relationship that we maintain with our clients is forged over time. Your dedicated adviser looks after you personally, just like a private banker.

Each adviser has only a limited number of clients to ensure that their support really is personalised on both a private and professional level.

Pit Linster
Head of Businesses & Entrepreneurs
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