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In a context of rising interest rates and persistent inflation, it’s important to make the right choices to build up your savings, with the dual objective of growing your wealth and generating a regular return. Find out more about building your savings, with Marc Jander, Personal Banking Adviser.

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The importance of investing regularly over the long term

The current turbulent environment raises many questions. What are the most appropriate investment solutions? How can you shape your savings to suit your needs? Is this the right time to invest?

The best approach is to stay invested for the long term and not try to time the market. Investing for the long term smooths out the market's ups and downs and limits the effects of the inevitable crises along the way. Market timing is a haphazard approach. If you sell your positions in anticipation of a market downturn, you risk missing out when share prices bounce back. To build a long-term portfolio, the best strategy is to invest regularly, during both bull and bear markets, which will average out the purchase price.

A simple, effective and flexible solution

Although there is no ideal time to invest, there are solutions for saving, generating a return on your available cash, financing your children's education, developing a project or preparing for your retirement.

The B'Save savings solution gives you access to the financial markets, with a choice of different orientations. The return depends on the performance of the fund corresponding to your chosen orientation. Each orientation is associated with a level of risk. You can change your chosen orientation, withdraw your money, or modify, supplement, suspend or change the frequency of your payments, at any time, free of charge.

Making the right decisions for the management of your wealth needs careful planning. Support from an experienced and trusted private banker is critical. Banque de Luxembourg provides a personalised wealth management service, with individual support from a dedicated adviser. For over 100 years, our experts have been accompanying the bank's clients in preserving, enhancing and passing on their wealth.

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Marc Jander
Personal Banking Advisor
Personal Banking Advisor
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