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Following the trend and investing in top-performing stocks is a sure route to exposing yourself to the risk of permanent capital loss. With a contrarian approach, on the other hand, you can reap the rewards of successful long-term management of your wealth.

What does ‘contrarian investing’ mean?

Contrarian investing means not slavishly following the consensus, passing trends or the indices. It means sometimes acting differently from the rest of the market. It's an approach that starts from the basic principle that equities become more attractive as markets fall and vice versa. This is why we tend to buy shares during market corrections and sell when the markets rise sharply. We are not seeking performance at any price. So sometimes we may do less well than the indices during certain phases, but over the long term, our returns are generally higher.

Why adopt a long-term approach?

We consider that buying a share is comparable to investing in a business. And when entrepreneurs invest in a business, they would never think of selling their stake six months later.

Do you get good results?

We started developing this methodology 25 years ago. Over the years, it has been honed to its present form. We apply it rigorously and it has a track record of delivering positive results. However, the performance of our funds may deviate significantly from that of the indices. Investors need to understand that our analysts and fund managers are positioned over the whole of an investment cycle and that our approach may not suit all investors. In strong market rallies, our funds capture a large part of the upside, but not necessarily all of it. On the other hand, our losses are generally considerably less severe when the markets slip. This allows us to outperform over a full cycle.

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Senior Private Banker
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