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Joining the family business is no easy matter. You need to find your place, develop your own area of expertise and establish your authority. These are all challenges facing the rising generation in business families when they start out on the entrepreneurial adventure.

Once the decision is made to join the business after graduating or having had other professional experience, a phase of discovery and integration opens up. You mix with people who have a range of projects and ambitions – from family members and active or passive shareholders to employees and managers from outside the family and close advisers.

Having a good understanding of yourself and the ability to read other people, working alongside your parents, appreciating the workings and challenges of the family business, finding and developing your own field of expertise and establishing your authority are all part of the future heirs’ skillset, especially for those who want to make a ‘first name’ for themselves through their contribution to the organisation.

The ‘Family Business Junior Executive Program’ is one of our programmes aimed at helping young people from families in business reflect on the place they want to take, or not, within the family business. To support them on their journey, we offer a framework that encourages discussion between peers and brings in valuable case studies and personal accounts from experienced entrepreneurs who can help to provide some answers.

The next edition of this programme will take place in 3 sessions, on 24 & 25 May 2023, 4 October and 23 November 2023.

These days of reflection offer a unique opportunity to build two types of networking for the long term: first, between future young leaders, and secondly, with people from the world of consulting, banking and experienced entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in our programmes for the rising generation in business families, please contact Anne Goedert for more information.

Anne Goedert
Family Practice Adviser