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Entrusting us with the management of your portfolio frees you completely from the day-to-day hassles this involves and enables you to benefit from a proven and responsible investment strategy. Do you want to preserve your capital and benefit from consistent performance over the long term? What’s the best approach?

What is a discretionary management mandate?

A discretionary management mandate is a comprehensive wealth management service which goes well beyond individual one-off investments. It consists of entrusting your assets to the Bank, which in turn undertakes in particular to:

  • Build a portfolio in line with your investment strategy and your investor profile.
  • Monitor the financial markets and make the necessary investment decisions.
  • Inform you regularly and transparently about the transactions conducted on your behalf.

Why choose ‘active’ portfolio management?

Active management is one of the few ways for an investor to obtain a positive return over the long term when markets are sluggish. On a day-to-day basis, your portfolio is managed by experts who adjust its structure and make the necessary investment decisions based on macroeconomic developments and the attractiveness and potential of the various asset classes. These adjustments result in your portfolio having an allocation that may vary from that defined for the long term.

How are the portfolios managed?

When you entrust us with the management of your assets, we never lose sight of our prime responsibility – to protect your wealth and make it grow over time. We steer clear of passing trends and focus instead on prudence and transparency.

What are the benefits to you?

A tailor-made approach

Your private banking adviser will be by your side to help you define your performance objectives, the degree of security you seek and the type of management you choose (funds or direct holdings). Our experts will manage your portfolio according to the investment strategy you have pre-defined with your adviser.


You benefit from two strands of our experience:

  • Portfolio construction
  • Stock-picking and selection of high quality funds.

We offer active and diversified management. Our teams of experts analyse the financial markets and take the necessary investment decisions.


Managing a portfolio requires constant vigilance and a considerable amount of time. Rest easy and free yourself from the pressures of the daily management of your portfolio.


Over the long term (a full stock market cycle), our funds outperform their benchmarks.


You can follow the decisions made on your behalf and check your portfolio and the positions held.


A flat management fee that includes all costs related to the management of your portfolio.

For more information, please contact

Nathalie Rizzi
Private Banking Adviser
Frédérick Hubert
Senior Private Banker
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