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Against the background of the ongoing health crisis and economic uncertainty, managing your wealth is becoming increasingly complex. With returns on savings accounts, bonds and money investments set to remain low, and widespread uncertainty generated by the economic fallout of the current crisis, how do you make the right decisions to protect and grow your wealth over the long term?

We asked Paulo Flora Rei, Private Banking Adviser at Banque de Luxembourg.

We asked Sandra Giunta, Senior Private Banker at Banque de Luxembourg’s Belgium branch.

An unsettled macroeconomic environment

The current situation is marked by uncertainty regarding the evolution and duration of the health crisis and the impact it will have on financial markets and the economy.

Who will be the winners and losers from this crisis? What will the short-term and medium-term economic impacts be? Will I have to compromise on performance if I want to protect my capital? How should I invest today to grow my wealth over the long term for myself and my children? These are just some of the questions our clients are asking us.

What is your approach to investing?

Our investment teams follow a conviction-based management strategy guided by common sense and caution. Our methodology is based on firm principles, which may lead us to exclude certain business sectors. It focuses on the long term and stays away from passing fads. You invest in high-quality stocks that are transparent and realistically valued.

Why entrust the management of your assets to specialists?

It takes time and high-level expertise to follow and analyse daily trends on the financial markets and to handle volatility. At Banque de Luxembourg, our specialists look after your wealth, taking the best investment decisions for you and giving you access to a diversified portfolio with international investments in high-quality companies.

Does this achieve the desired performance?

Over a full market cycle, our management solutions outperform their benchmark indices. And their strong track record shows their resilience in all market cycles, especially in periods of turbulence.

100 years of expertise

Taking the right decisions to manage your wealth is not something to be left to chance. It is important to have the support of an experienced and respected private bank. At Banque de Luxembourg, we offer you a tailored service with your own dedicated private banking adviser. For 100 years, our experts have been supporting you in the preservation, growth and transfer of your wealth. Contact us to find out about the best investment solutions for you and your family.

Paulo Flora Rei
Private Banking Adviser
Sandra Giunta
Senior Private Banker
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