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Life is not always straightforward. It can take you down paths that you never imagined... The springtime of life? Two people, a life-changing encounter, exciting plans and the start of a great adventure.

Buying a house together, starting a family, and two promising careers... The ideal time to calmly contemplate the future and prepare for any setbacks.

Springtime for Nathalie and Gilles

Nathalie and Gilles meet at university.
After a few years together, they decide to move in together and make a commitment to each other.

  • Should they get married or have a civil partnership? 
  • What type of marriage contracts exist, and what are the implications?
  • Is it possible to change the marriage contract or make a different one?


Nathalie is a senior executive in a multinational company. Gilles is taking over his grandfather's bespoke furniture company. He is the fourth generation to take over the reins.

  • What is the best way to pass on the business and ensure a smooth handover from one generation to the next?
  • If the business should run into difficulties, could the couple's estate be affected?
  • Does the marriage contract allow the company director’s wife to get involved in the management of the family business? Is she entitled to a share of the company profits?
  • How can both partners' financial and professional situations be accommodated?


Nathalie and Gilles want to become homeowners: they plan to buy or build a house of their own.

  • If one of their parents wishes to help them, financially or otherwise, what precautions should they take?
  • What are the implications of the marriage contract? What would happen if the family business were to fail? Or if one member of the couple died?


Nathalie and Gilles have two children: first Laura and then Stephen. Nathalie decides to give up her career and take care of the children, although she helps out with the family business in busy periods.

  • What are the economic and financial implications for the household?
  • Should an agreement be drafted between the couple to compensate for the loss of Nathalie's income?


Our expertise

  • We can offer feasibility studies and help implement solutions provided by our experts (e.g. amending the marriage contract).
  • We assist you in organising the structure, management and transition of your assets.
  • We help you prepare the handover of a family business with regard to the shareholder and operating structure. We can establish governance for the family and its relationship with the business, as well as continuity plans to protect and preserve the business in the event of a crisis.



Life is not always straightforward. It can take you down paths that you never imagined... As well as moments of great joy and exciting plans, there are more difficult times. At every major stage in life, we face big questions which lead to important decisions. At those times, it is good to have the support of a Bank you can trust. To meet the ever-changing needs of families, we have developed expertise in legal and tax matters, and in planning for life's major milestones.

Is life all plain sailing?

For an analysis of your situation and advice on legal or tax aspects of your estate

Bernard Goffaux
Head of Estate Planning
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