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In its 6 June edition, the Belgian magazine Trends Tendances acclaimed our new Chair in Family Enterprises, created in partnership with HEC Liiège.

A three-year partnership on a subject of mutual interest

Banque de Luxembourg supports families in business in the management of their family and business wealth – in tangible as well as intangible aspects – especially at times of change. Change may be brought on by investment projects, alterations to the shareholding structure, the sale of assets and, of course, preparing for succession. “We have long supported family businesses in Luxembourg and Belgium, as we believe in this unique model, which is inspirational as much due to its values, complex as they are, as to the close interweave between the life of the family and that of the business,” says Philippe Depoorter, Member of the Executive Committee of Banque de Luxembourg.

At HEC Liège, the Management School of the University of Liège, interest in family enterprises is not new: over the last ten years, Professor Nathalie Crutzen has carried out a series of studies on the subject, in collaboration with the Belgian Institut de l'Entreprise Familiale, while a course specifically focusing on issues facing family businesses has been offered to Masters students since 2017.

Beneficial coverage in Trends Tendances

Trends Tendances discussed at length the ‘natural’ partnership between the Liège business school and Banque de Luxembourg, the aim of the partnership being to investigate in depth the often-rightly-praised family business model, and probe its limits.

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