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Taking over a family business is no easy matter. You have to find your place, develop your own area of expertise and establish your legitimacy. These are just a few of the challenges facing the rising generation of business families when they join the entrepreneurial adventure.

To support them on their journey, we offer a framework that encourages discussions between young people in the same situation, as well as offering valuable case studies from experienced entrepreneurs to provide some direction. This is the aim of the Family Business Junior Executive Program that we have been organising for 10 years.

The most recent edition of this programme, which ended in March, brought together 13 young people from France and Luxembourg who had recently joined their family business. Aged between 21 and 35, they ranged from the second to seventh generation of their family within the company.

The seminar consisted of two 2-day events held in Belgium in November 2021 and March 2022. The programme covered themed workshops on legitimacy, management style, governance of a family business, working with the family and assertiveness within the company.

The participants particularly appreciated the friendly atmosphere which encouraged relaxed discussions and feedback.

If you are interested in our programmes for the next generation of families in business, please contact Anne Goedert for more information.

Anne GoEdert
Family Practice Adviser