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Banque de Luxembourg has been committed to promoting a variety of forms of philanthropy in the Grand Duchy for over ten years. Through actions to raise awareness among our clients and the general public, and advocacy with the Luxembourg government, we have sought to foster a genuine culture of commitment. This is continuing to bear fruit and we have become the go-to bank for managing philanthropic projects in Luxembourg.

In 2017, well before the arrival on the world stage of Greta Thunberg – a figurehead for young people’s commitment to fighting climate change – we invited the Baillet Latour Chair in Philanthropy at HEC Liège to conduct a study on how young people are transforming philanthropy, with the aim of contributing to a think tank on today's and tomorrow's philanthropy. This study showed us that young people want to ‘be the change’ that they are promoting. They are inspired by the conviction that every gesture counts, however small, and in so doing they become part of the ‘hummingbird movement’ popularised by Pierre Rabhi.

In order to promote the engagement of young people in Luxembourg, Banque de Luxembourg has joined forces with the UP_FOUNDATION to introduce the ‘I can’ philosophy of the international Design for Change (DfC) movement. This approach encourages young people to get involved in solving problems they encounter in their daily lives which concern them directly. DfC puts young people at the heart of the action and helps them work out how they can play an active role in society. With DfC, the Bank wanted to refresh and enrich the philanthropy ecosystem in Luxembourg. A ‘young people get involved’ evening event was a chance to find out about a number of pilot projects and initiatives that were due to form part of DfC’s launch in Luxembourg.

But within a few days, the Luxembourg government announced a general lockdown followed by several months of confinement. A number of community projects sprung up during this period: neighbours supporting each other, the creation of funds to support research, donations to charities helping homeless people who had nowhere to go, etc. COVID-19 has once again highlighted how people’s individual actions can make a real contribution to society.

Doing something positive, in your own way, is the spirit in which we approach our role as philanthropy advisers at Banque de Luxembourg: we support our clients with information about the many ways to act, providing details of individual opportunities and monitoring the different stages and progress of their projects.

If you would like more information about Banque de Luxembourg’s philanthropy advisory services, please contact Anne Goedert.

Anne Goedert
Senior Adviser
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