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The fact that life expectancy is getting longer is no reason to delay preparations to pass on your wealth. On the contrary, it is important to consider the impact of your personal situation on ways of sharing within a couple or between generations.

Importance of the matrimonial regime

First and foremost, you should choose your marriage contract carefully. This document will regulate the inheritance relations between the future spouses, and thus have an influence on the distribution of the estate between the heirs. It is possible to make a will to bequeath more than the legally reserved portion to the surviving spouse. However, the additional amount you bequeath cannot deprive the children from receiving the minimum share of the inheritance to which they are entitled.

Who inherits?

The property is allocated to the person with the closest family relationship or to the person designated by the deceased as his or her successor, if that person accepts. Knowing that every personal situation is different, it is important to take certain elements into consideration: family situation, age of the donor and beneficiary, composition of the property, location of the property and the heirs’ country of residence.

How can you pass on your wealth?

“Women sometimes realise too late the impact of their family situation on their own financial situation, although our clients are increasingly tending to anticipate these criteria. Our role is also to raise women's awareness as early as possible,” explains Viviane Feiereisen, Private Banking adviser at Banque de Luxembourg.

Given the wide range of different life situations, it is advisable to get expert advice to ensure that your wealth is passed on successfully. “We support our clients in the organisation of their transfer and assist them in preparing the legal documents. We also put them in touch with specialists – notaries, lawyers, accountants and tax advisers – while keeping abreast of their concerns and plans,” adds Viviane Feiereisen.

Given the wide range of different life situations, it is advisable to get expert advice to ensure that your wealth is passed on successfully.Viviane Feiereisen, Private Banking adviser at Banque de Luxembourg

Have you made preparations for your estate yet?

To answer all your questions, we will help you:

  • Draw up a summary of your personal, family and financial situation;
  • Draft a plan for passing on your estate;
  • Anticipate the impact of your matrimonial regime on the division of your estate;
  • Define the impact if you have children;
  • Determine what succession arrangements you can make in your personal situation.
Viviane Feiereisen
Private Banking adviser