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The entire banking sector is undergoing a period of historically low - and in some cases negative - interest rates, leaving many investors wondering what the best options are for managing their wealth. When you entrust your wealth management to Banque de Luxembourg, we remain focused on our primary responsibility: protecting your assets and making them grow over the long term.

An uncertain macroeconomic climate

The current environment is marked by low interest rates, weakening growth, trade tensions and geopolitical risks. The complexity of the financial markets means that wealth management is also increasingly complicated and investors are wondering,

  • Is it possible to find attractive investments and grow my wealth in these conditions?
  • Do I have to compromise on performance if I want to protect my capital?
  • Which opportunities in the current market environment?

Discretionary management: a reliable and efficient solution

Discretionary management involves entrusting your bank with the management of your assets. Your portfolio is managed by experts, freeing you from the constraints of daily management of your assets. It relieves you of a genuine concern: finding the time to properly manage and monitor your portfolio.

While carrying out your plans with peace of mind, you also benefit from active portfolio management that allows you to grow your capital over the long term in accordance with your performance targets and risk profile.

Comprehensive wealth management support

Together with your adviser, you determine the level of risk you are willing to accept, from the most cautious to the most dynamic. This ensures that your portfolio is perfectly tailored to your investor profile.

What are the advantages?

  • TAILORED SOLUTION - Your adviser is by your side to help you identify your performance objectives, risk profile and preferred investment type (funds or direct equities). Our specialists manage your portfolio according to the investment strategy defined by you and your adviser.
  • EXPERTISE - You have access to specialist skills in two areas:
    • Portfolio structuring
    • Selection of quality securities and funds

You benefit from active, flexible portfolio management. Our team of specialists analyses the financial markets and makes appropriate investment decisions.

  • PEACE OF MIND - Managing a portfolio requires constant attention and availability. You gain peace of mind and free yourself from the constraints of daily management of your assets.
  • PERFORMANCE - Over a full market cycle, our management solutions outperform their benchmark indices over the long term.
  • TRANSPARENCY - You retain a completely transparent overview of your holdings and portfolio management decisions.
  • FAVOURABLE RATES - All charges relating to the management of your portfolio are included in an ‘all-in’ management fee.

Find out more about discretionary portfolio management at Banque de Luxembourg in this interview with Damien Petit, Head of Private Banking Investments.


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