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2020 has shown us yet again that it's not always a smooth ride on the financial markets. In a complex economic environment, how can discretionary management help you develop your projects with confidence and peace of mind? Paulo Flora Rei, Private Banking Adviser, gives some answers.

Investment opportunities despite the context

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find risk-free financial returns. And this trend looks set to continue. But despite the uncertainties weighing on the markets, there are real opportunities for you to grow your assets over the longer term. It is more important than ever to opt for an approach with a priority on risk control by entrusting your assets to a specialist. Discretionary management exemplifies this approach.

What is discretionary management?

A discretionary management mandate is a comprehensive wealth management service which goes well beyond individual one-off investments.

It consists of entrusting your assets to the Bank, which undertakes in particular to:

  • Build a portfolio in line with your investment strategy and your investor profile.
  • Monitor the financial markets and take the necessary investment decisions.
  • Inform you regularly and transparently about the management transactions that have been conducted.

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Quality at the heart of asset selection

Our experts employ a method for selecting quality stocks and acquiring them at a reasonable price, because it is always the price paid that determines future returns.

They follow a process that identifies companies with the potential for profitable growth, not only in the short term but over longer periods, capitalising on strong competitive advantages and favourable investment trends. Investing in quality assets at a fair price is the best way to make your assets grow over the long term through all market phases, even the harshest crises, with peace of mind.

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Paulo Flora Rei
Private Banking Adviser