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‘Young people get involved’ evening is a resounding success

On 12 February 2020, a discovery evening dedicated to young people’s involvement in good causes was held at Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen. The event provided the opportunity to launch ‘Design for Change Luxembourg’ and present the results of a HEC Liège study, ‘What young people bring to philanthropy’, to a Luxembourg audience.

2019 was the year that young people got involved in climate issues, in a youth movement embodied by Greta Thunberg, whose activism has resonated around the world. But we should not forget the many other young people who get involved on a daily basis, through a multitude of individual actions, to benefit good causes.

Philippe Depoorter reflects on Banque de Luxembourg’s ambition to promote an attitude of involvement from a young age

A 2017 study conducted by the Chair in Philanthropy at HEC Liège, on the initiative of Banque de Luxembourg, already tells us that young people want to ‘be the change’ they promote. To encourage them in their efforts to get involved, Banque de Luxembourg supports the UP_FOUNDATION in introducing to Luxembourg the ‘I CAN’ philosophy of the international Design for Change (DfC) movement.


(in French)

Kiran Bir Sethi, founder of the DfC movement, explains the four key elements of the methodology: Feel, Imagine, Do & Share

This approach encourages young people to get involved in solving problems they encounter in their daily lives and which concern them directly. By putting young people at the centre of the action, DfC helps them to discover the active role they can play in society. As social problems increase and the resources developed by governments and NGOs prove insufficient, the involvement of civil society is now indispensable.


(in French)

Liz Kremer and Sophie Lammar from the UP_FOUNDATION explain the Design for Change methodology and its introduction in Luxembourg

The ‘Young people get involved’ discovery evening on 12 February saw the launch of ‘Design for Change Luxembourg’.


(in French)

Highlights of an evening dedicated to the theme of young people’s involvement

Philippe Depoorter (Banque de Luxembourg), Virginie Xhauflair (HEC Liège), Liz Kremer (UP_FOUNDATION) and Katarina Kordulakova (DfC France) hosted the evening with warmth and energy. Ilana Devillers, founder of Food4All, also talked about her reasons for getting involved in new technologies to tackle the problem of food waste. The range of speakers confirmed the vitality and diversity of Luxembourg’s philanthropy and voluntary sector.

Why is it important for young people to get involved in good causes? What do they bring to philanthropy? What is the Design for Change (DfC) methodology? These were just some of the questions addressed at this popular family event.

Banque de Luxembourg has been committed to creating a supportive ecosystem for philanthropy in the Grand Duchy for more than ten years. However, given the limitations of individual philanthropists’ activities, the Bank now wishes to promote an attitude of involvement from a young age.

Philanthropy: a driver of social cohesion

This evening’s success was evident not just in the high number of attendees but, even more importantly, in their enthusiasm for the theme. This highlighted the increasing relevance of personal involvement and solidarity within society, and the genuine role that philanthropy can play in supporting social cohesion in our multicultural communities.

The evening in pictures