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Chaussée de La Hulpe, 120 – 1000 Brussels
Kortrijksesteenweg 218 – 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
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8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Being born into a 'family in business' means having to deal very early on (and sometimes over many years) with an environment charged with passion, work, soul-searching and close interweaving between the life of the family and that of the business. Questions about succession, access to the business and the multiple dimensions it entails are bound to arise sooner or later. The answers are multiple, individual, and more or less fixed depending on the case.

After leaving school then going on to higher education or university, the time comes for the next generation to start making choices, which will bring them closer to (or take them further away from) the family business. The ‘Filles et fils d’entrepreneurs à la croisée des chemins’ (Daughters & Sons of Entrepreneurs at the Crossroads) academy is designed to offer young people from Luxembourg, Belgian and French business families a space for reflection and discussion.

Practitioners and family entrepreneurs will provide a series of insights, case studies of their direct experience, and a basis for discussion for all the participants. Finding out more about yourself, the business and its governance, and understanding what working as a family means, by sharing your own questions and experiences with those of other young people going through similar anxieties, are the main objectives of the eleventh edition of this summer academy. The number of places is strictly limited. The aim is to equip each participant to take charge of their own decisions and foster a group spirit that will serve them well during and after the seminar.

The Academy will be held from 29/08 to 01/09 near Namur in Belgium.

For further information about the programme and to register, please contact us.

Anne Goedert
Family Practice Adviser

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